Angel Protocol

Send cryptocurrency and nfts safely without danger of losing assets. Transfer assets while your guardian angel is watching.

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Two way claimable Secured Transactions

Send two way claimable transactions that allow for claimable verification of transferred assets and easy refunds for accidental transactions. Never send your crypto to the nether again without a way to recover the asset.

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Smart Additions

Automatic Reversals

Sent your assetsto the incorrect address without realizing it? Within the time frame you specify, we automatically reverse all unclaimed transfers.

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Receive notifications via Push Protocol on your mobile devicce, browser extension or push web app when you transact using us.

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Crypto & NFTs

Safely Transfer your assets using our protocol avoiding loss of valuable digital assets due to various reasons. Both NFT'S, ERC20's and Native Assets

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Tagged Addresses

Manage benefeciaries that you frequently send money to. Saved from the stress of having to copy paste addresses by using the regsitered username of the address on our protocol.

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Claim Code On Asset Transfers

When transferring assets, we add another layer of security to the transfers. Introducing claim codes that recipients must input to redeem sent assets

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User-Friendly Interface